Rik Hammond

Freelance visual artist, website designer, photographer and IT consultant.


I work in a range of media - including painting and drawing, collage, print, bookworks, digital media, mail art, film, photography and occasionally with time-based action, intervention work and site specific media.

The majority of my work is conceptual and experimental in nature and abstract and minimal in style, although I often implement traditional drawing and painting materials and techniques.

Enquiry, chance and experiment tend to be the basis for the decisions I make whilst producing work. The route I take to make work usually plays a more important role than the finished piece. I enjoy working in an automatist way. I am interested in reduction, repetition and abstraction. I like work to interrelate and I often group works together in series. The routes to certain conclusions for me are often indicated by variations on a theme.

I like ambiguity, banality and indeterminacy. My work often varies - at one moment I wish to rid my work of obvious references, at another I want to play with and develop those references. I embrace contradiction and I like work which refuses to directly expose its meaning. I enjoy conceptual ideas concerned with the language of art itself and am fascinated by self-reflexive work.

I draw extensively, often using fairly traditional materials such as ink and graphite. With painting, I tend to approach it in an experimental way, treating it as an automatist exercise. Although some preliminaries are often planned (e.g. colour combinations, size and time scale etc.), I prefer to approach a painting in a similar way to a drawing in regards to the decisions and considerations I make about its production.

I rarely title artwork - though I often title series of works. If for nothing else, just to help me reference them.

Prices of work vary from £50 - £2000.

Website design & IT consultancy

I run Watson Press Website Design & Authoring, a freelance IT and design consultancy established in 1996, providing a range of new media services to clients from both the private and public sector - from bespoke website design to print layout and photography.

Our solutions cover: design, training, support, domains & hosting, brand development and project management.

Bespoke pricing: £75 hourly flat rate or fixed project fee, depending on scale and scope of contract/service.

Service(s) provided: Artists, Designers & Illustrators, Computer & IT Services